Hello & Welcome To My Blog!

Introductions are always extremely difficult. You want to appear as interesting as possible, without sounding like an awkward potato. But unfortunately that's what I am. A bit about myself -  I am currently at UCLA as a Communication Major. I have a love for writing, talking, sleeping, and eating. And for those who prefer a TLDR line, here it is: I am grateful that you have taken your time to come read this post and I hope you'll embrace my awkwardness as you share my journey and adventures as a UCLA Bruin. 

*cue awkwardness*

As for why I started this blog- I work at the UCLA Calling Center and one day found myself talking to a UCLA alumni who happened to be a journalist. This must be fate right? She told me that regardless of my future and undecided path, it was important to start writing my thoughts/opinions down because writing is an important skill for any career. She then asked me, "What can you lose from doing this?" And bewildered, I replied, "Well... nothing". So here I am!

Well, it just so happens that I have an embarrassing dream of one day working as a popular journalist or television personal. So, I have decided to take my first step into the world of media by blogging on the internet. I hope to be someone that can inspire and give great advice, as well as an internet friend that you can relate to. 

Thank you for taking your time to read this lengthy introduction &I hope you embark on this adventure with me as I share DIY tips, college/transfer advice, terrible home-cooking, my personal thoughts/opinions, random GIF's, and much more!!~

xx, Sarina Wang

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